Title Brands: Lemon

It is common to call any car that has excessive mechanical problems a "lemon." However, you might not know that each state has its own standards (or "lemon laws") on what actually makes a vehicle a lemon. In fact, not all states even have lemon laws.

Generally speaking, if a certain element of a vehicle has malfunctioned several times while under warranty, and this malfunctioning element makes the car inoperable or unsafe to drive, such a vehicle could be branded by the state as a lemon on its title.

The key point is that the problem with the vehicle must be so severe as to make the vehicle a) undriveable or b) unsafe to drive. If your car is making a strange noise, but drives just fine, most likely your vehicle would not be classified as a lemon. If your car's brakes or headlights don't work or if the car cannot drive in reverse, those are more serious problems that would probably make the car a lemon.

Another key point is that the manufacturer be given a chance to repair the problem. If the vehicle continues to have the same problem (even after three or four attempts to repair it), the vehicle can be branded as a lemon. In addition, the problems must have occurred during the warranty period.

To find out if your vehicle is a lemon, purchase an AutoCheck vehicle history report. AutoCheck will note on your report if the vehicle has a lemon title.

It's important to remember that each state has its own lemon law. Your vehicle might be considered a lemon in one state but not considered a lemon in another state. Contact your state department of motor vehicles to learn more about the lemon laws in your state.

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