Title Brands: Odometer Rollback

You should know from the outset that detecting odometer rollback is very difficult if you are not a certified mechanic, mostly because anyone who commits the fraudulent act of rolling back an odometer to conceal actual mileage is aware of how to hide it.

Taking the vehicle to a mechanic for an inspection is a very good way to discover whether a vehicle's odometer has been rolled back. A good mechanic will know what signs to look for and can point them out over the course of the inspection.

Another step you can take is purchasing an AutoCheck vehicle history report. An AutoCheck vehicle history report will notify you if the vehicle has been reported as having a rolled-back odometer.

Some signs of whether a vehicle may have an odometer rollback problem include:

  • Excessive wear in places such as gas and brake pedals, floor mats and seats
  • Mismatched tires
  • Missing screws around the dashboard or signs that the dashboard has been removed
  • Mileage on vehicle and title don't match up
  • Misaligned numbers on the odometer

Remember that these types of signs could be normal wear and tear on a vehicle, and none of them are a sure sign that the odometer has been compromised. However, if you notice any of these things, it would be a good idea to bring it to the attention of the mechanic doing your inspection.

Because mechanical wear and tear is more difficult to cover up because of the cost, your mechanic should be able to give you an idea on whether the mechanical wear and tear is consistent with the vehicle's mileage.

For more information on odometer rollback, please visit the Office of Odometer Fraud Investigations (a division of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration).

See a sample of an odometer rollback vehicle history report!

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