Title Brands: Salvage

A salvage title is often issued by states when a vehicle is damaged and the cost to repair is significant (usually if it is over a certain percentage of fair market value). One way a vehicle may end up with a salvage title is when an insurance company declares a vehicle a total loss.

If the salvage vehicle is rebuilt, the "Salvage" title brand might be changed to a "Rebuilt Salvage." Usually such a change requires an inspection.

A problem often occurs when a salvaged and rebuilt vehicle is sold in another state. Because title brand definitions vary by state, sometimes a title brand will not transfer to the title in the new state, which means the title becomes "clean." Unscrupulous sellers can increase the sale price of rebuilt cars by "cleaning" or "washing" the titles by registering them in states where the title brands do not transfer.

To protect yourself from such hidden title brands, purchase an AutoCheck vehicle history report. AutoCheck receives title brand, registration and other important information over the life of the vehicle, regardless of where the vehicle is registered.

Even if a vehicle moves to another state that doesn't recognize certain brands, the AutoCheck vehicle history will still reflect all previously reported title brands.

See a sample of a salvage/accident vehicle history report!

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