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If you're in the market for a used car, one of your biggest concerns is getting value for your money. With an AutoCheck vehicle history report with AutoCheck Score, you can buy with confidence by learning more about the vehicle you're buying.

An AutoCheck vehicle history report answers common concerns on the mind of every used-car shopper, such as:

  • How many people have owned this car?
  • Has an accident been reported on the vehicle?
  • Has the car been damaged by floods, fires, hail or other natural disaster?
  • Is the mileage on the odometer trustworthy?
  • Has the car ever been recalled?
  • Was the car used as a service vehicle (police car, taxi, etc.)?
  • Has the car ever had a branded title (e.g., junked, salvaged or rebuilt)?
  • Was the car ever repossessed or stolen?
  • Has the car ever been sold at auction?
  • Has a lien been reported on the vehicle?

Get answers to these types of questions with an AutoCheck vehicle history report today and know your vehicle inside and out before you buy.

Which car should you buy? Find out with AutoCheck Score

AutoCheck Score can be very valuable when searching for more than one vehicle.

For example, let's say during your online search that you find three cars you're interested in purchasing. Car #1 has had three owners in five years. Car #2 has had one owner but is twice as old. And Car #3 was a rental for two years, but impeccably maintained with full documentation of service records. Which car has the most favorable vehicle history compared to the other similar cars?

The AutoCheck Score can help you answer that question. Our exclusive algorithms boil down the history of the vehicle to one single, simple number. Learn more about the AutoCheck Score.

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