Learn About the Report

The AutoCheck vehicle history report is filled with a lot of information, and you may find it a bit confusing or even intimidating if you're not familiar with the report. Below we've broken out each report section, including what you might find in each one.

Report Summary

The Report Summary includes basic information about your vehicle, such as the VIN, year, make and model. You'll also find the AutoCheck Score (when available) and whether the vehicle qualifies for Buyback Protection.

In addition, you'll find the section summaries, which will tell you whether there is any further information to review. A green check mark icon means no problems were found and that the section checks out. A blue "i" icon means there is further information for you to review. A red exclamation point icon means a problem was found. (These icons can be found throughout your report in each section.) You can jump down the page by clicking a section name.

See an example of the report summary.

Title and Problem Check

Any issues with the vehicle's title will appear in this section. For example, if the vehicle has a salvage or junk title, it will be found here. Title brands or odometer problems will also show up in this section.

See an example of the Title and Problem Check section.

Odometer Check

Odometer Check will notify you of instances in our records where the odometer reading was reported. Any reported odometer reading that is out of line with what is expected will be flagged for you.

See an example of the Odometer Check section.

Use and Event Check

If the vehicle was ever a rental vehicle or used as a service vehicle of some kind, you can find that in this section. Other examples of items you might find include a record of theft or repossession and corrected or duplicate titles.

See an example of the Use and Event Check section.

Full History

As its name suggests, this section reports on all reported events for that vehicle.Significant events that can be found in this section include:

  • Odometer readings
  • Vehicle registrations
  • Title transfers
  • Reported at auto auction
  • Emissions inspection

See an example of Full History.

This Vehicle's Glossary

Whenever there is further information or a problem to report, the description is hyperlinked. Clicking on the link takes you to the bottom of your report where the description and any special items are explained in greater detail.

Review Sample Reports

If you want to learn more about our reports, we highly recommend reviewing our AutoCheck sample vehicle history reports section. We walk you through different report types that you might encounter during your car-buying experience and give you additional information about each section. Below are the sample reports you can review:


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