Clean Sample

An AutoCheck vehicle history report is considered clean when no negative information about the vehicle has been reported to us. Read below for more information on each section:

Report Summary


The Report Summary provides general information about the vehicle, the vehicle's AutoCheck Score and whether the vehicle qualifies for Buyback Protection. The vehicle's history is summarized under "Section summaries". A green check mark icon means no reported problems. A blue letter "i" means there is information to report. A red exclamation point "!" means a reported problem. Because this is a clean report, you won't see any red exclamation points on this example.

Title and Problem Check


The large icon at the top of each section indicates whether a section is free of problems or has something to report. In this case, the large green check mark at the top of the section lets you know that this section checks out.

Odometer Check


No problems have been reported for the Odometer Check section. Looking good so far!

Use and Event Check


No events or other out-of-the-ordinary uses of this vehicle have been reported.

Full History


This section lists all reported events for the vehicle. It can include events such as vehicle title registrations, title renewals, emissions test results and reported odometer readings. This section would also highlight any reported problems, but because the report is clean, nothing has been highlighted.


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