Lemon Sample

This vehicle was reported as a lemon (unable to conform to applicable express warranties) per a state agency's lemon law. (Note that not all states have lemon laws.)

Report Summary


The Report Summary provides general information about the vehicle, the vehicle's AutoCheck Score and whether the vehicle qualifies for Buyback Protection. The vehicle's history is summarized under "Section summaries". A green check mark icon means no reported problems. A blue letter "i" means there is information to report. A red exclamation point "!" means a reported problem. This vehicle is a lemon, and has a red exclamation point in "Title and Problem Check" and "Full History".

Title and Problem Check


The large exclamation point icon indicates that this vehicle has been branded as a lemon on its title. The description is also highlighted in yellow.

Odometer Check


Even though this vehicle is classified as a lemon, the odometer for this vehicle does not show any reported problems.

Use and Event Check


No problems reported in this section either, though "Emission/safety inspection record(s)" and "Loan/Lien record(s)" have both been reported.

Full History


The title was branded as a lemon on 1/30/2007 in the state of Florida and is highlighted in the Full History section. It's important to note that a title can be branded in one state but show up as clean in another state. This process is known as "title washing". It can happen because each state has its own rules about how title brands are defined.

Because of title washing, there is no way to tell if a vehicle is free of title brands by only looking at the paper title. Trust the paper title and you could end up purchasing a seriously damaged vehicle. Get the full reported history by running an AutoCheck vehicle history report!


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