Odometer Rollback Sample

Odometer readings over the life of this vehicle reveal that the current mileage may not be accurate.

Report Summary


The Report Summary provides general information about the vehicle, the vehicle's AutoCheck Score and whether the vehicle qualifies for Buyback Protection. The vehicle's history is summarized under "Section summaries". A green check mark icon means no reported problems. A blue letter "i" means there is information to report. A red exclamation point "!" means a reported problem. This vehicle has a reported odometer problem, noted by the red exclamation point in "Odometer Check" and "Full History".

Title and Problem Check


Even though there was an issue reported with this vehicle's odometer, the title was not affected.

Odometer Check


The odometer problem is highlighted in Odometer Check. Note the mileage went from a reported 189,000 miles on 8/31/2005 to 169,391 on 12/15/2005.

Use and Event Check


No problems were reported for Use and Event Check.

Full History


The odometer problem is also highlighted in the Full History section.


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