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AutoCheck for Lenders

Guard against booking unprofitable used car loans at origination with AutoCheck

  • Get AutoCheck vehicle history information to more accurately calculate a vehicle's value and make more profitable lending decisions.
  • Lenders need to protect themselves from making loans on vehicles that may have lost 30% or more of their value due to a reported salvage title, severe accident or other major problem.

AutoCheck customers can benefit by:

  • Optimizing risk by more accurately estimating a vehicle's value before booking a loan
  • Controlling costs with detailed information and understanding of a vehicle's history
  • More effectively setting thresholds for vehicles in loan-to-value pricing decisions

Read what our customers have to say:

"Using AutoCheck during loan origination as been extremely helpful for us as we are tightening our reigns on loan to values. Switching to AutoCheck from CarFax has not only proved to be a profitable decision but we feel more confident knowing we are getting the most thorough vehicle history information on the market."
--- Jo Machelle Boniface, CFE Credit Union

Quest with AutoCheck

Evaluate the credit health of your customers and the assets of your automotive portfolio in one efficient solution - Experian Quest with AutoCheck.

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