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AutoCheck for Credit Unions

Build confidence in the used vehicles you finance with AutoCheck

  • Attract more customers by offering your members a free vehicle history report when they contract with you on auto loans. Credit Unions can take advantage of our exclusive AutoCheck Buyback Protection now available in all of our full vehicle history reports. Experian will buy back a consumer's vehicle for up to 110% of the value if we miss a major title brand.*
  • In addition, businesses can optimize risk at loan origination and improve member confidence by understanding the impact of an adverse event on a vehicle before a purchase decision has been made.

AutoCheck customers can benefit by:

  • Optimizing risk by more accurately estimating a vehicle's value before booking a loan
  • Controlling costs with detailed information and understanding of a vehicle's history
  • More effectively setting thresholds for vehicles in loan-to-value pricing decisions

Read what our customers have to say:

"AutoCheck has been an excellent tool to help provide our members confidence in the vehicles they want to purchase and truly helps us to better estimate a vehicle's value. Making the switch to AutoCheck has helped us to better mitigate risk and improve our business results."
--- Jo Machelle Boniface, CFE Credit Union

"AutoCheck reports are a valuable tool to determine whether or not we will proceed on an auto loan. If the VIN number does not come back 'assured' we will not finance the vehicle. When we tell our members that we conduct both VIN number verifications and NADA values they feel confident that we are looking out for them. You can't imagine a member's relief when they are about to purchase a car only to find out that it was salvaged or in a serious accident and that AutoCheck prevented what could have been a very unpleasant experience."
--Jennie Romanelli , American Airlines Credit Union

Quest with AutoCheck

Evaluate the credit health of your customers and the assets of your automotive portfolio in one efficient solution - Experian Quest with AutoCheck.

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