Dealership Testimonials

With thousands of dealer partners, don't just take our word for it!

AutoCheck vehicle history solutions are the leading choice of many automotive industry professionals, including:

  • Manufacturer certified pre-owned (CPO) programs
  • Major auto auctions, who account for more than 95 percent of vehicle sales at auction
  • Hundreds of satisfied consumers in the United States and Canada

Dave White of DARCARS Automotive Group
"Used car shoppers demand to have as much information as possible on the vehicle and the market to make their buying choice. The AutoCheck Score is the only tool out there that allows us to provide customers with all the information in a vehicle history report, as well as a comparison against all similar vehicles, in a way that everyone can understand."

Pete Henrich, Chapman Nissan
"The AutoCheck Score is what makes AutoCheck more effective than other vehicle history reports and an exceptional selling tool for us. When a customer sees that a pre-owned vehicle hasn't been in any accidents and that it has a high score, they have the confidence to buy."

Todd O'Reilly, General Manager of Al Piemonte Ford
"We have been extremely pleased with the results of Experian Automotives Score a Great Car initiative. It has helped us to merchandise more of our used vehicle inventory and see a noticeable increase in sales. In today's tougher market its unique programs like these that help you stay ahead."

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