About the AutoCheckScore SM
Experian Automotive's AutoCheck vehicle history reports now feature the AutoCheck Score - a rating that allows you to quickly and easily evaluate all of the vehicle's history data in one convenient score.
Experian Automotive simplifies the complicated used car buying process by providing you the tools necessary to make a better purchase decision.
Using its patent-pending methods, AutoCheck vehicle history reports provide a unique AutoCheck Score for each vehicle, so you can compare similar vehicles and buy with confidence.

Key Factors Affecting the AutoCheck Score
  • Age - The age of the vehicle at the time the report was run.
  • Mileage - The number of miles reported for the vehicle at the time the report was run. Mileage is reported periodically to the various agencies from which we compile our data.
  • Vehicle Class - Examples of vehicle classes include "Sport utility -- entry level" and "Mid-range cars - standard". AutoCheck vehicle history reports utilize vehicle classes supplied by Automotive News. This list of vehicle makes and models is published annually and is recognized as an industry standard.
  • AutoCheck Assured Status - AutoCheck Assured vehicles are free of major title brands like salvage or water damage and other events like "Auction Announced as Frame Damage". All AutoCheck Assured vehicles also qualify for AutoCheck Buyback Protection.
  • Calculated Number of Owners - The number of owners calculated by AutoCheck, based on information compiled by its sources.
  • Vehicle Use & Events - Some factors like taxi use, repossession, accidents and theft history negatively affect the AutoCheck Score. Positive events include lease history and emission testing.
AutoCheck Vehicle History Reports also provide you with an AutoCheck Score Range for vehicles similar in age and class as yours. The AutoCheck Score Range allows you to compare your specific vehicle's AutoCheck Score against other vehicles to see how it measures up.

About AutoCheck Buyback Protection
AutoCheck Buyback Protection protects you against major hidden title problems that are proven to exist but are not shown on the AutoCheck Vehicle History Report (subject to the terms and conditions).
If your AutoCheck Vehicle History Report does not show a title brand that should have been shown on the report, then AutoCheck will buy the vehicle back at your purchase price, at a value of up to 110% of the NADAguides.com value.