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AutoCheck® Mobile App For Consumers – Updated 7/17/17

Overview | Requirements | Downloads | Known Issues | Best Practices & Troubleshooting


The AutoCheck Mobile App is designed for consumers who are interested in obtaining detailed vehicle history report records. Users can enter a vehicle’s identification number (VIN) or scan the VIN barcode. Learn if a vehicle has been reported in an accident, branded a lemon, damaged in a flood, reported repossessed or stolen, and more.


A paid subscription and active user account with www.AutoCheck.com is required to receive reports. Users must agree to our AutoCheck Terms and Conditions. The app requires camera (for scanning a VIN barcode), contacts (to see our reports via email), and storage (to save report data) permissions. You must have an active internet connection with logging in, running reports, and reviewing reports via the App history. Saving reports and sending emails requires a SD card with available storage.

Andorid: Version 4.4 (API 19) or Later


Our app is available for both Android and iOS devices, and is available in the Android Google Play Store as well as the iOS iTunes App Store.

Known Issues

Andorid: An error message may appear after clicking “CANCEL” while attempting to scan a VIN barcode.

Andorid: Users may receive an error message: “AutoCheck Consumers- Detected problems with app native libraries (please consult log for detail): libvinlib-shared.so:text relocations: OK”. If this happens, simply logout and close the app. Relaunch the app. The issue should be resolved.

Best Practices

  1. Confirm you have the latest version of the app is installed. Having the latest version of the app usually resolves most issues: Learn More...
  2. Confirm you have an account on AutoCheck.com: Learn More...
  3. Confirm your current AutoCheck.com is Active: Learn More...
  4. Be sure you are following best practices for entering a VIN or scanning a VIN barcode: Learn More.
  5. Be sure you understand the difference between the AutoCheck website dashboard and the AutoCheck mobile app History: Learn More...
  6. How to contact support with detailed information regarding your issue: Learn More...


Section 1: How To Verify The Latest Version of the App is Installed

Android: Navigate to: Settings > Apps > AutoCheck Consumers. Check for the latest version as indicated on the top of this page. In App Settings: Notifications Allowed, Permissions: Camera, Contacts, and Storage. If an old version is installed, click “Uninstall” and download the latest version.

Section 2: Confirm you have an account on AutoCheck.com

Your App login username and password should be the same as your website account’s username and password. If you changed your AutoCheck.com password via our website, be sure to update your app login as well.

If you don’t have an active AutoCheck account, you will first need to purchase a subscription plan. You can do so via our website, or by clicking “Get Started – Create Account” on the AutoCheck App Login screen.

If you are not sure if you have an account, visit our Sign In or Create a New Account page. You will have options to reset your password if you forgot it.

If you are able to login via our website but not via the app, we suggest you login to our website and change your password. Uninstall and reinstall the app. This may happen if you have an older AutoCheck account or an older version of our app installed.

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page to learn more about AutoCheck, our AutoCheck subscription plans, along with details around our reports.

Section 3: Confirm your current AutoCheck.com is Active

The easiest way to confirm this is to visit your dashboard via our website. Assuming you have an account as described above, upon login you will see your AutoCheck dashboard, which indicates whether your subscription is active. It will show how many days are remaining as well as how many additional reports you can run. If you don’t have an active subscription, you will see options to purchase additional access. Note that if you previously ran vehicle history reports, but your account is now inactive (subscription expired), you will see the word “Activate” next to the report. You will need to extend your account to see these reports again.

Section 4: Be sure you are following best practices for entering a VIN or scanning a VIN barcode.

Vehicle Identification Numbers (VINs) must be 17 digits in length, and a vehicle manufactured after 1980. VINs do NOT contain letters I, O, or Q. Here is where you can find the VIN on your vehicle, along with several examples.

App users must have an active internet connection when accessing reports.

Android: Navigate to: Settings > About Device > Status. Confirm that an IP address and/or Wi-FI MAC address is indicated. Then, visit: Settings > About Device > Status > Sim Card Status and check for “Service State”, and “Mobile Network State”.

Scanning a VIN barcode requires camera permissions. (see above) Make sure the VIN barcode being scanned is clear of debris. Make sure the vin barcode does not have a sun or shadow glare. Make sure the entire VIN barcode is within the scan indicators shown on the display. The scan should happen automatically, without user intervention. Confirm your camera is working by taking a regular picture outside of the AutoCheck app. Be sure the camera lens is clean. The scanner will not scan invalid VINs. (You may want to confirm the VIN is valid)

If you’re confident that you have entered the correct VIN via the app, try entering the information via our website, to see if that corrects the issue.

Section 5: Be sure you understand the difference between the AutoCheck website dashboard and the AutoCheck mobile app History.

App users must have an active internet connection when accessing reports in their History. (Only the VIN summary is stored in History.) This is designed so you always have the latest version of the report available. See above documentation regarding confirming your internet connection.

The app History section may be empty in the following conditions: If the app is updated to the latest version, or if a new AutoCheck account is created.

Only the vehicle history reports requested via the app will appear in the app “history”. In other words, the AutoCheck.com website user dashboard IS NOT THE SAME as the app’s “history”. VINs and PLATES that are “saved” on the AutoCheck.com website (and appear in the AutoCheck dashboard) will NOT appear in the AutoCheck App. (Unless the client scans the same VIN or Plate on their mobile device). If you order the same report via both website and the app, you will only be charged for one report.

You can swipe left to delete a VIN from your history.

Section 6: How to contact support with detailed information regarding your issue.

Please report any specific error messages you received. Also, indicate in detail what specific function you were trying to accomplish when the problem occurred. (i.e. Trying to log in, trying to scan a vin barcode)

Android: Within your Android device operating system, navigate to: Settings > About Device, and provide the following: Model Number, Android Version, Android Security Patch Level

Android: Navigate to: Settings > Apps > AutoCheck Consumers and share the Version #.

Please provide the above information when contacting support.

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