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AutoCheck vs. Bargain Reports

Not all vehicle history reports are created equal

See why an Autocheck Report is superior to the bargain alternative
AutoCheck is a powerful vehicle history report that helps take the unknown out of the used car buying, so you can confidently understand, compare and select a vehicle that is right for you. Unlike other bargain reports, AutoCheck can help you identify the hidden information you need the most, including:

  • Nationwide auction announcements, e.g. frame damage
  • Reported accidents
  • Service and maintenance records
  • Lemon Vehicles
  • Major title brands, e.g. flood damage



Only AutoCheck has the patented AutoCheck Score® to help you assess a vehicle's predicted reliability and compare it to similar cars in its class.

Because we have vehicle information from all 50 states, as well as auction and accident data from many public and private sources, AutoCheck provides you a value not found in the bargain reports.

Purchase AutoCheck® vehicle history reports today! >>

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