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When shopping for used vehicles, start on the Web!

So, you’re in the market to purchase a used car. Congrats! Now where should you start?

Before walking through many dealerships without an idea of what used cars they may have available, you should check online! Online shopping is a great option when it comes to used car shopping.

Visit automotive portals like: www.autotrader.com, www.edmunds.com, www.kbb.com, www.ebaymotors.com, and www.cars.com that dealers and consumers use every day to list their cars.

From these Websites, you are able to specify your location, and how far of a radius you want your search to encompass from your location. Once you click on the car that interests you, you can get more information and pictures of the vehicle on the dealer site.

This helps you narrow down your search and compare certain vehicle characteristics and price points. You can even call ahead and see if the vehicle is still available, and set-up a time to visit the dealership. Also, while you are doing your online research you can get pre-approved for a loan, and even see how much you can save on car insurance.

If you want to trade-in your old car, you can use these sites to get an instant cash offer and find out the value of your current vehicle. This is a great advantage rather than having to wonder if you are going to get a fair deal on a trade-in. At least you will have a ballpark of what the value is for trading in, and you may decide not to trade, and instead, sell your vehicle to another person.

Another great advantage of shopping online is the ability to compare two different vehicles if there are many used vehicles that spark your interest. A vehicle history report will allow you to put the vehicles up against one another so you can see the pros and cons of each comparatively.

Reliable information about the vehicles’ history is accessible through brands like AutoCheck, which has a feature called the AutoCheck Score, which allows you to compare multiple cars against each other with a numerical value, to easily analyze which is best for you.

You can even obtain an official AutoCheck vehicle history report for free at the dealership! If you find that a few dealers in your area have a car you are interested in, you can go to www.dealerrater.com to read about other consumers’ experiences with dealers near you. This could help you narrow down your search even more if there is more than one location with a car you are looking for.

Now go get started today, you may be just a couple clicks away from finding your dream car!

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