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3 Quirky but Amazing Tips To Keep the Interior of Your Car, Clean and Organized!

Is your car the one in the parking lot with a floor lined in partially eaten snacks and old drink containers? Does it have a half inch of dust on the dash and dog slobber marks on the windows? Even if it’s not that bad, or maybe it is … Have no fear, there are ways to keep the cleanliness of your car in check with a few key must-have items.

1. Baby Wipes

One life saving product that can be kept in your car at all times is a package of baby wipes. Sounds funny – but these can actually come in handy on many occasions! Do you have dog slobber and nose marks on your windows from your furry friend or maybe just children who manage to make a mess everywhere they go? Baby wipes are your answer. They are great for wiping the insides of windows, gently cleaning a spill on the seat, and even just for sticky hands if you find yourself eating on the go a lot! Ribs aren’t usually a car snack, but it has happened before… and baby wipes are there to save the day. Personally, feet marks on the passenger side windshield are what I use them for most because sitting like a normal human in a seat is too boring.

2. Paintbrush and Toothbrush

I learned this tip from my grandma who spends as much time and energy cleaning everything she owns as she does actually using it. She keeps a paintbrush in her center console so that when her dashboard, radio buttons, air vents, - or really anything for that matter – gets dusty, she just brushes it off and VOILA! The toothbrush can be used to get in little crevices to scrub away any grime that may have been collecting in a hard-to-reach spot.

3. Garbage Bag

If you are like me, you have empty water bottles, granola bar wrappers and a good amount of other garbage on your car floor. The answer to this is either a plastic grocery bag or, if you want to be a little fancier, there are such things as cute patterned car trash bags. They hook on the back of the headrest of either front seat or wherever is convenient for you. When they get filled up, you clear it out and latch it back on. It’s probably the only way to make your car garbage look cute – or at least not clutter the floor of your car!

As a busy young professional who is always on the go, it makes me happy to share with you some tips I use on how you can keep a car clean! No more excuses, go buy that paintbrush today and stop walking to the dirty car in the parking lot.


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