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Our Partnership with Call for Action

We realize that buying a vehicle is second only to housing as the most significant and capital-intensive transaction you will face. For that reason, we have partnered with Call For Action Inc. (CFA), an international nonprofit network of consumer hotlines founded in 1963 whose mission is to empower consumers by giving them a voice larger than their own. Volunteer professionals in CFA offices around the world are trained to assist consumers through mediation and education to resolve problems with businesses, government agencies and other organizations. CFA’s services are free and confidential and available to all individuals and small businesses.

An important relationship

A resurgence of used-car sales and the spike in flood-damaged vehicles from natural disasters is leading to an increasingly difficult marketplace for consumers to navigate. A number of scams target car buyers and introduce a greater level of risk to the process.

Therefore, outside of providing automotive shoppers with its reliable vehicle history reporting service, AutoCheck by Experian® is dedicated to creating educational information pertaining to buying a used car. In addition to our educational information, we are offering a direct line to CFA’s services if a problem should occur during your used car buying process and used car ownership. CFA will receive your complaints and directly support a resolution to your automotive-related problems with businesses, government agencies and other organizations. 

How does CFA work?

When a consumer contacts CFA, a volunteer listens as the problem is described — that volunteer now “owns” the case until a resolution is secured. The volunteer will contact the company or agency directly to promote dispute resolution. CFA works cooperatively with state and federal agencies to help track and combat scams. 

Media partners

Each CFA office is associated with a local broadcast station that provides working space, supplies and over-the-air promotion of CFA services. This cooperation strengthens our connection to the community and gives our volunteers clout when working on consumers’ behalf. Information collected by CFA on trends and new frauds affecting consumers is used by our broadcaster partners to prepare news reports. 

Privacy policy

For each visitor to the CFA Web page, we only collect information volunteered by the consumer, such as survey information. The information we collect is used for internal review and is then discarded. It may be used to improve the content of our Web page and is NOT shared with other organizations for commercial purposes.

Please refer to the Call for Action Used Car Buyers Guide for when you are in the market for a used car purchase. 



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