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Buyback Protection

What's Covered?

  • Covers what you paid (up to 110% of the NADAguides.com published retail value) PLUS up to $500 in aftermarket accessories at no extra cost. See terms and conditions for details.
  • Provides a full year of coverage to protect you from major title problems that we miss from the Department of Motor Vehicles.

AutoCheck vehicle history reports with Buyback Protection provides coverage for what you paid for the vehicle and will refund your purchase price (up to 110% of the NADAguides.com published retail value) if you find a covered title defect that also meets the Buyback Protection terms and conditions.

For your convenience, we've listed some of the title problems that are covered by Buyback Protection, subject to the AutoCheck Buyback terms and conditions.

  • Junk or salvage
  • Dismantled, rebuilt or reconstructed
  • Flood damage
  • Hail damage
  • Fire damage
  • Bought back by the manufacturer ("Lemon Law")
  • Odometer exceeds mechanical limits
  • Odometer was not actual mileage

What makes Buyback Protection different?

See how Buyback Protection is different from the promises made by other vehicle history report "guarantees":

AutoCheck Buyback Protection is available at no extra cost on AutoCheck vehicle history reports if a certain title brand is found after the vehicle is reported to be free of the brand. There is no extra cost for you to take advantage of this exclusive benefit from AutoCheck! It's simple: we miss it, we buy it back.

How Does AutoCheck Buyback Protection Work?

AutoCheck Buyback Protection is available at no extra cost to anyone who purchases a vehicle history report from AutoCheck on a qualifying vehicle. Note that you can register for Buyback Protection only after you have purchased your vehicle. To take advantage of Buyback Protection, follow these steps:

  1. Purchase an AutoCheck Unlimited vehicle history report or AutoCheck Single vehicle history report.
  2. Run vehicle history reports on AutoCheck and review each vehicle's history as you shop for a used car,
  3. Check the right side of the vehicle history report, underneath the AutoCheck Score when you run your report. You will find an alert letting you know whether or not the vehicle is eligible for Buyback Protection. Note that only certain vehicles are eligible for Buyback Protection. (See the AutoCheck Buyback terms and conditions).
  4. Come back to AutoCheck.com to register your vehicle for Buyback Protection after you have purchased your vehicle.

Yes, I have purchased my used vehicle and I am ready to register for Buyback Protection!

Register for Buyback Protection

Click here to register for Buyback Protection.

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Make a Claim

For your convenience, we've provided a basic overview of the criteria you must meet in order to submit a claim form. See the AutoCheck Buyback Protection terms and conditions which govern any specific claim.

  • You must own the vehicle at the time you make the claim.
  • You must complete and submit a claim form as well as provide a complete copy of the AutoCheck vehicle history report ("report").
  • The AutoCheck report must have been run prior to the purchase of the vehicle.
  • AutoCheck Buyback Protection expires one year after the date on the AutoCheck report.
  • You must provide proof of ownership of the vehicle as described in the AutoCheck Buyback Protection terms and conditions.
  • You must provide a copy of the front and back of the Branded Title, certified by the issuing state.
  • The Branded Title must have been issued at least 60 days prior to the date the AutoCheck VHR report was run.
  • You must have registered for AutoCheck Buyback Protection within 90 days of the date you purchased the vehicle.

Download the AutoCheck Buyback Protection claim form. 

Mail completed claim form and all other required documentation to:

AutoCheck Buyback Protection
c/o: Experian Automotive
955 American Lane
Schaumburg, IL 60173

Coverage/FeaturesOther "Guarantees" AutoCheck Buyback Protection
Are aftermarket items covered?No.
Anything on your car that was not part of the car when it was manufactured will not be covered.
Up to $500 of items such as warranties and installed accessories are covered.
Is arbitrary cancellation prohibited?No.
The guarantee can be cancelled at any time at the company's option.
Experian stands behind the AutoCheck Buyback Protection program, and pledges to honor all current and future Buyback Protection claims subject to the terms and conditions.