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Protect Yourself from
Odometer Fraud

What is odometer fraud?

Because low mileage is an attractive quality in a used vehicle, sometimes sellers tamper with the odometer to give the illusion that the vehicle was driven less than it actually was by “clocking” or rolling back the miles.

Protect against odometer fraud: 
  1. Compare mileage on the vehicle with the title.  Also ask the seller for maintenance records or emission test records.
  2. Check the AutoCheck® report to confirm the current mileage on the vehicle aligns to the previously reported mileage.
  3. Take the vehicle to a mechanic for a thorough inspection.


Odometer Graphic

How AutoCheck helps?

In an AutoCheck report data sources are thoroughly reviewed and odometer readings are arranged in chronological order to ensure there are no potential mileage discrepancies. The odometer check then summarizes the data and alerts you to any potential red flags.

See samples of vehicle history reports that have odometer fraud »

What if you are a victim of fraud?

Tough laws are in place to punish the perpetrator and legal action may be necessary. Notify a consumer protection agency like Call For Action immediately to get the professional help and advise you need.



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