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VIN and License Plate Checks for Subscribers

AutoCheck® allows you to access vehicle history reports for the duration of your subscription term.


If you are shopping for a vehicle and haven't quite narrowed down your choice to just one, our unique multi-reports feature is just right for you.  For one small fee, you can run a report on every vehicle that catches your eye for the duration of your subscription term.

Dashboard Access - Our data-rich Vehicle History Report dashboard makes it easier than ever for you to save, compare and select the car that's right for you, with easy to read details.

Record Search - Now there are even more ways to get at the vehicle history data that matters to you. Simply search by VIN or License Plate.  This is an added convenience when the VIN may be more difficult to find.  Both options offer a powerful yet simple search feature.

FREE Vehicle Search: Enter a VIN or Plate

Two ways to find the vehicle history you're looking for:

Search by VIN

Please enter a vehicle identification number to continue
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Is it a valid VIN? Valid vehicle identification numbers:

  • Have exactly 17 characters
  • Come from a vehicle manufactured after 1980
  • Do not contain letters I, O, or Q

Search by US License Plate

Please check your Plate Number and try again

Is it a valid US License Plate or Specialty Plate? Valid license plates:

  • Are no more than 11 characters long
  • Were issued in the United States or US Territories
  • May contain additional characters if they are issued as specialty plates that endorse special causes
Please enter a US License Plate Number to continue
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